Brickleberry (2012–2015)

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Synopsis: Fledgling Brickleberry National Park is facing its demise as a tourist attraction, its future in the hands of a dysfunctional group of forest rangers. To help save Brickleberry, top ranger Ethel Anderson is summoned from Yellowstone. Her park skills not to mention her sex appeal are seen as a threat to reigning Ranger of the Month Steve Williams, who does everything in his power to make Ethel look bad. The head ranger, Woody Johnson, is a hapless sort who always has the park’s best interests in mind, even if his ideas on how to run it aren’t nearly the best. Woody takes comfort in his pet, Malloy, a vulgar and spoiled grizzly cub who loves to put down the other rangers especially Steve. The animated series is co-executive-produced by Daniel Tosh, who also voices Malloy.
Creators: Roger Black, Waco O’Guin
Stars: Daniel Tosh, Roger Black, David Herman
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