Tree Fu Tom (2012-)

Tree Fu Tom

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Synopsis: Tom is a boy with the power of movement magic — tree fu — which can transform him into a small-but-mighty superhero. As a superhero, he travels to Treetopolis, an enchanted kingdom — really a tree in his backyard. It is in that magic place that Tom meets his friends: his sidekick Twigs, an energetic acorn sprite, an eccentric inventor Zigzoo, and others. Tom, Twigs and the gang go on action-filled adventures that usually encounter trouble, disaster or near catastrophe. When things get out of control, Tom relies on viewers to help save the day by performing tree fu moves of their own and passing their magic through the TV screen.
Creators: Daniel Bays, Dan Hodgkins
Stars: Tim Whitnall, Sophie Aldred, Samantha Dakin
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